• About Us

    Welcome to a new kind of consultancy – one specifically focused on the needs of small companies serving the life science research market. HJB Venture Partners focuses on emerging growth market opportunities... more

  • Business Services

    We keep up with the latest trends and breakthroughs, and help you position your company for sustainable and profitable growth. HJB Venture Partners serves start-up companies, small companies and inventors to provide a combination of corporate financing, marketing services, and scientific consulting... more

  • Global Experience
    We have experience working with companies across the globe. Whether you are looking to enter into new markets or establish corporate relationships across countries or continents, HJB Venture Partners can help.
  • Marketing  & Strategic Services

    Whether you need to build your brand, determine how to position your product within a crowded marketplace, or create high-impact marketing campaigns that get in front of your customers and get their attention, HJB Venture Partners does it all...more

  • Scientific Consulting

    Have a great idea but don’t have the time or resources to commercialize it? HJB Venture Partners is the perfect partner for inventors who want to turn their idea for a life science product into rich profits... more